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Localization Specialist

At Fineway Studios you will find relaxed professionals with decade of experience in gaming industry. Game development is our passion and we are devoted to it on all the fronts.

Our first PC game was Frankenstein: Master of Death with global rating of 87%. At the moment, we are developing a new open world PC game called Vestige of the Past. If you do join our game dev team, you will get a unique opportunity to shape the game as we are all open to great ideas and innovative solutions.

We believe localization is one of the essential parts of every game as it helps to convey the intended experience to the players. Thanks to that, we have great reputation among renown localization houses and are entrusted with the localization of AAA titles.

Apart from the development itself, we are also eager to support the growth of the gaming industry. For that purpose, we have launched GameDev Area project focusing on many diverse activities throughout the South Moravian Region. In the past, we have organized game developers’ conferences called GDS, these days, it is the Game Access conference and many smaller events like meetups, sport tournaments and other informal game developers’ gatherings.

These are the sparks for our enthusiasm. If you are as passionate about game development as us, if you think big and if you want to do things that are meaningful, we will be happy to welcome you in our team!

What will you be doing?

  • Translating and proofreading video games and promo materials into your native language
  • QA testing localization (in-game)
  • Working from home (freelance)

What do you need to have?

  • Perfect written and verbal communication skills in one of the languages (CZ/SK/DE/ES/FR/RO/RU/HU)
  • Perfect understanding of English language
  • Knowledge about video games
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word)
  • Experience in creative translation
  • Time flexibility
  • Personal traits like dependability, self-reliance, attention to details, creativity and hard working nature

What do we appreciate?

  • Experience with localizing video games
  • Working knowledge of CAT
  • Higher education in linguistics
  • Passion for gaming

If you are intrigued by the proposition, please do drop us a line at moc.soidutsyawenif@sboj .