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of the Past

Our new open world game, Vestige of the Past, will take you on a journey through an immersive world of alternative presence. Work your way up in an almost familiar but oddly different place. Find out why is there a contrast between what your eyes can see and your gut feeling.

Exploration, Simulation, Survival
PC (Steam)
Release date:
Q1/Q2 2018 (Pre-Alpha)
Official website Steam   |

About the project

Vestige of the Past is our vision of fun mix of exploration, simulation and little of survival games. Don’t expect any zombies or other vicious creatures, this game is mostly about finding your way in a living society, exploring every corner of the city and countryside, trying out many different jobs and then trying to succeed as their manager.

The Early Access will offer you an addictive sandbox playground increasingly filled with new gameplay features and intriguing quests, while the full game will come with captivating story mode. In both, you will explore a vibrant city and lovely countryside with endless possibilities.

We all have begun our gamers life with old classics and we know how hard it is to see our favourite games take the wrong turns. That is why it is very important to us to build our game around extensive feedback from you, the players.


  • Customization of your character and the environment
  • Dozens of different jobs
  • Trading system
  • Reputation system
  • Visually evident objects’ condition
  • Hand modelled high detailed buildings
  • Dynamic and logical object spawning
  • Intricate food and drink system